torfun is a social group of Torontonians that like to have fun. Members invite other members to parties, movie nights, costume balls, dinners out or in, etc. with the trust that the people in the community will be cool. Many in the community have a technical background. All are intelligent and gregarious, with the average age now drifting into their 30 40's.

The regulars page has photos that people have sent to me. It is now way out of date.

The tao of torfun

There is no official torfun consensus or event list. No one has to approve events to make them "official", and no one person has to show up to make an event real. We operate more along the lines of an anarchy with a benefactor (me) keeping the infrastructure going. Otherwise, you're supposed to just announce stuff and/or show up.
I'm sold. How do I join?
Just wanting to is half the battle. We communicate via a mailing list. Mail torfun-subscribe (at) to join.
Why should I go to your events?
Because they're more fun, and filled with more interesting people, than anything else you might be thinking of doing. Just tell us what you're up to.
Why should I invite torfun to my event?
Because you want more fun and interesting people to attend, and because you like surprises.