A nerd Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Steve, and I live in Toronto. I am mainly a parent to a tender, curious boy. I used to run, and still maintain on a skeleton crew, a consulting company whose work I am satisfied with. In my spare time, I undertake the technical end of business ventures that promise to keep my tools sharp.

My non-family pleasures are sailing, cars, riding my motorcycle, cooking, and trying not to get too shaken up by the fact I'll be 40 soon.

I have a weird family name, with an extensive genealogy to go with it.

I am also pompous enough to write a brief autobiography if you want to know more about me.

Where I publish

  • My personal blog gets a post every week or so, a good idea every two months.
  • Twitter gets my rants and link stream.
  • Facebook I am close to leaving. Please don't bother reaching me on Google+.
  • Organized sets of photos are on Flickr, but many casual photos end up on Photo Stream.


I reformatted the Canadian Civil Liberties Association's pamphlet, A Citizen’s Guide to Rights when Dealing with Police in Canada. It is avaialble in plain HTML with no stock photos.

Historical items

I maintain a few side projects, more or less for posterity: guides is for friends & family of people who suffer from mental illness, and torfun is a somewhat quiet mailing list for people who like have fun in Toronto.