Holy PDQ, Batman

We are the proud new owners of Nauticat.

Nauticat is a PDQ 36. She is currently sitting in Little Current, and plies her trade on the waters of the North Channel, based out of Gore Bay in the capable care of Canadian Yacht Charters.

No boat is perfect, but this one’s great. Reagan, Linden and I look forward to getting to know her.

This is what she looks like.
And this is what I see when I think of her.

American Scary comes to the Bruce Peninsula

While riding up to Manitoulin Island for my occasional pilgrimage to some place two gas tanks away, I came across this sight in the lineup to cross on the Chee Chee Maun.

It is not often that a genuine Harley death-machine crosses my path. In the view from astern, I am pretty sure that I counted upwards of 25 skulls facing in my direction. Incredibly creepy, and incredibly impressive.