Change Ontario’s liquor laws

The province is updating its liquor laws and is in the midst of a public consultation until March 17, 2011.

If you have ever been trapped in a beer tent at some event, and wondered why you can’t walk around with a drink in-hand, you should comment.

If you’ve just gotten back from Quebec and wondered why you can only buy alcohol in government-run or -sanctioned stores, you should comment.

If you think a beer-distribution system owned by the major breweries, slanted towards distributing only those major breweries’ lame-ass product, is an acceptable status quo, you should comment.

Of course, the government is only looking at a limited range of updates to the law, because this is Ontario and we only do things halfway. This issue needs your voice.

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One thought on “Change Ontario’s liquor laws”

  1. It was just announced today that Ontario is updating alcohol laws. This means all those unnecessary barriers for events and festivals are eliminated so we can enjoy our summer weather even more! This will improve tourism and local economies.
    – Festivals don’t need beer tents anymore, people can walk around freely through the event
    – Restaurants and bar servers can take drinks on public sidewalks to patios
    – Events such as fundraisers and weddings can serve alcohol for an extra hour until 2am
    – All-inclusive vacation packages can now be sold in Ontario
    – Business owners can give a complimentary drink to customers when celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary

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