Bitten by bugs

So there I was, thinking that WordPress was really the most amazing piece of software. I was well and truly flying: I had uploaded 14 images, it had properly resized them.  I was writing a blog post including a number of styles, image treatments, and so forth, all in valid XHTML.

If this had been Drupal I would have been tearing my hair out 3 minutes in,  cursing that system’s developers and everyone who ever thought it was any good. But WordPress? Schlick schtuff: wow how I was  having fun.  I’d forgotten web publishing can be like this.  Whee! Look out world, here comes blogger Steeeeeeeeeeeve with his TITLE attribute set! Banzai!

Then my browser crashed.

Web browsers are such a blessing, and such a curse.  I don’t know if the Internet would be better off without them.

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