A good experience fixing our GTI at Alpine Motors in Toronto

I like the GTI I own with Reagan. It’s a good car.  It’s a 2004 and hasn’t given us a bit of trouble, until recently.

I went in with a list of three things: First, I had a consistent moaning sound correlated to road speed, which the dealer (Queensway VW) said was all in my head. Second, random bozos had smashed each mirror, and I had new ones in a box that needed installing.  Third, the engine idiot light was on.

They turned the car around in less than a day and relieved me of $450 in labour and $315 in parts. They work from a labour book, which means that there are standardized times for each job regardless of actual time. So: $160 to install two mirrors, $200 to replace a wheel bearing and hub, and $90 for an engine temperature sensor.

Perhaps if I had ambition, the temperature sensor was within my reach to do myself. The rest wasn’t. I’m sure some enthusiast out there could do it for the part and a case of beer, but I’m through with those kind of people working on my stuff.

I dealt with Hans, who is a charming, tall, grizzled mechanic. He looks exactly like you think someone who has been fixing european cars for 40 years would look like.

They also don’t have a website. This says a lot about their character (“Why would we want one of those? Tell your friends about us.”). Overall, I felt this was excellent service and a fair price from the kind of people I enjoy giving my money to. I’ll be going back before my timing belt gives up.

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