Mac Unicode and the modern man

(reviewing the lady’s new web page)

The lists are cool, the “…” don’t look good on the iPhone due to word wrap, and should have a hard nonbreaking space at the beginning, so it end ends up looking like
this, …

To be able to use such unicode wonders, you should go system configuration -> keyboard -> input sources -> show input menu in menu bar.
You will now have a new doodad up in the menu bar that can launch this apple gadget called “character viewer”. You can tear apart any font with this thing and see every single damn glyph like this:

čȒâẔȲ, ŤḤȓéȆ ⓀĩⓃⅅȘ ộⓕ ℭốⓜℳÄs
one of them is hard nonbreaking space
or you can copy and paste the space here: